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The Fibox range of standard enclosures provides the designer with over 800 choices for packaging electrical and electronics equipment operating in hostile environments. Fibox enclosures comply with EN 60529 (IEC 529) and UL 50 and UL 508. Our enclosures have achieved ingress ratings of IP 67 and NEMA 4X and 6, 6P. Enclosure performance is verified by independent laboratory testing and on-going monitoring of production. With over 700 standard accessories, Fibox enclosures are easy to use and flexible. Standard solutions exist for panel mounting, hinging inner doors, wire and management and air ventilation.



To increase the range and flexibility of our packaging solutions, Fibox has developed a comprehensive range of services, permitting cost effective customization for specific applications. The two most important of these are machining services and customized tooling. Our advanced CNC machinery can supply enclosures with holes, cutouts and openings to your specification. Painting and screen printing is also available. For large OEM volumes, our sophisticated, multiple slide tooling permits cost effective modification of any side of the enclosure.

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FIBOX Make difficult easy