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All Fibox enclosures can be customized to meet the exact requirements of a customer’s application by employing modern machinery that is available at all major Fibox customer-service centres. For customers requiring modification of a Fibox standard enclosure, we offer design tools for the engineer. CAD drawing files of standard enclosures are developed for use with all major computer-design programs. Factory- technical assistance is also available to aid the engineer in creating the most cost-effective customization that meets the engineer's needs. Buying a customized enclosure from Fibox ensures ongoing consistency and quality.

Fibox has local customization service centres that are staffed with applications experts and qualified programmers, and are equipped with the most modern CNC machinery specifically designed for plastic machining. This effectively takes the Fibox factory closer to the customer’s location, which means improved and faster service, with lower costs.


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FIBOX Make difficult easy