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Special enclosures are divided into three separate categories: surface treatment, custom colour moulding and customized moulding.

In smaller volumes, Fibox offers customized colours by painting the enclosure. Nomenclature screening is possible. For plastic enclosures, EMC shielding requirements can be met with special conductive paint sprayed on the interior of the enclosure, as well as with the installation of a silver filled elastomeric gasket.


For higher volume production, customized colour is achieved by moulding with the appropriate colour raw material. Custom colour moulding is more economical than painting for volume requirements, typically single runs of 1000 units or more. Custom colour moulding can be achieved by adding colorants, or by procuring supplier-mixed custom colour batches, depending on the total volume.

For larger volume OEM’s, our custom moulding service produces enclosures based on our customer's own specifications. A custom mould can be created to manufacture enclosures that meet the exact customer specifications.

Custom moulds generally fall into two categories. The first is a mould design based on an existing Fibox product. This method may use insert slides and existing mould modifications, or it may create an entirely new mould that fits with an existing Fibox enclosure base or cover.

The second category is the creation of an entirely new mould. Fibox has the ability to design and implement high precision moulds injecting 1, 2 or 3 components. Insert moulding and in-mould decoration are options, too.

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