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Fibox, a privately owned company operates in 10 different countries with four manufacturing locations and several local partners in all continents. We offer a full value chain of manufacturing services from product design of precision plastic component to tested systems shipped to locations world-wide. Fibox enclosures are manufactured in modern premises located in the Helsinki Metropolitan area in Finland and in Inchon at the Republic of Korea.

FIBOX modular plastic enclosures were the first polycarbonate (PC) enclosures introduced in 1966 on the market. It opened a new era in power distribution panel building. Since then, active product development and increased export have resulted in rapid growth for the company, still going on.

40 Years of Experience in Product Development

Whatever your application, the FIBOX enclosure family features the widest range of high quality enclosures for the packaging and protection of electrical and electronic components and systems. Enclosures can be delivered in standard off the shelf configurations or customised to your exact specifications.

Fibox voluntarily submits its products for third party testing and evaluation, and currently has many third party listings including, UL, FIMKO, DNV, LR, etc. The company enclosures are rated EN 60529 even up to IP 68. In addition, nearly all products are rated for use in hazardous areas.

Continuous Product Development

The FIBOX enclosure range features over 500 different standard enclosures made of polycarbonate, ABS, polyester fibre-glass and aluminium. Fibox is the industry leader in developing both new products and new technologies for moulding thermoplastic enclosures. At Fibox, we consider moulding technology an essential part of product development. For example, the new FIBOX MNX enclosure is the first to utilise direct injection of the enclosure gasket material during the body moulding process. This new process ensures precision moulding of the gasket guaranteeing superior enclosure protection ratings. Fibox is the only manufacturer applying this technology to enclosures. Another example is FIBOX's emphasis on multiple slide technology for mould construction. While much more costly, this type of mould provides our OEM customers cost effective alternatives for modifying standard enclosures to meet their specific needs.  

But more important than technical leadership, is the FIBOX commitment to understanding the needs of its customers. All our products are designed in close cooperation with our customers. We use input from our global customer base to produce new enclosure ranges, useful accessories and on-going product improvements and enhancements.


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